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This bundle includes the following:

Rainbow Boats - 16.5" X 3"

Happy Beaks small pineapple bird toy has a wood pineapple and plastic beads tied with leather strips for your bird to chew and pull on. There are also wood pieces and wood beads hanging from the pineapple on durable chain.

Small Chunky Monster with Java Wood - 8" x 7"

Small chunky monster has a lot of different textures for your bird to enjoy, including java wood, wicker balls, coconut husk chunks, sisal rope and woven palm pockets full of natural shreddable material. Great for shredders and chewers!

This toy won Best Bird Product at the 2010/2011 world renown SuperZoo trade show!

Medium Cotton Rope Boing with Bell, 3/4" x 66"

Small cotton rope boing for birds can be hung inside the bird's cage or on activity and play stands and will encourage exercise that your bird will enjoy! The Happy Beaks boing has a liberty bell at the bottom and is made from durable cotton and intended for long term use.

Large Triangle Vine Mat - 20" x 11" x 7"

Happy Beaks triangle vine mat is stuffed full of colored crinkle paper and then laced on the sides with poly rope. Hanging from the top of the mat are two strands of plastic beads, birdie bagels, plastic shapes, and colorful pieces of wood. On all three corners, there are even more pieces of wood, plastic beads, and knotted poly rope. This toy has a large plastic hook at the top for easy hanging. Great toy for stuffing your birds favorite treats inside!

Small Busy Bee - 10" x 4"

Happy Beaks busy bee bird toy is a cute wood bee covered with tons and tons of wood slats that your bird will love to chew and play with.