Small Wicker Dream - 9" x 6.5" x 5.5"

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Happy Beaks by A&E Wicker Dreams toy is a toy your bird will "dream" about playing with. It's the perfect toy for birds that love to forage, shred and play. This toy is made out of 1 tan colored wicker ball, 6 assorted color Chinese hand-cuffs, 2 small circular loofah sponges, 1 cylinder decorative block, 1 metal rod connecting materials together, 1 metal bell, 1 small safety clip that attaches to any cage. All materials are non-toxic and pet friendly. You can even hide your bird's favorite treats inside the finger traps for added foraging fun!

This toy is made out of:

  • 1 tan colored wicker circle
  • 6 assorted color Chinese hand-cuffs
  • 2 small circular loofah sponges
  • 1 cylinder decorative block
  • 1 metal rod connecting materials together
  • 1 metal bell
  • 1 small safety clip that attaches to any cage
  • Delivered assembled
  • Material are non-toxic pet friendly