Poop-D-Solver, Lime Coconut Scented - 128oz

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POOP-D-ZOLVER is an all-natural bird poop remover with an avian safe fragrance.

POOP-D-ZOLVER almost instantly removes bird poop by enzyme-producing non-pathogenic bacteria to naturally "digest" the poop in the cage/aviary and also works on carpets, upholstery and fabric. The enzymatic properties naturally eliminate smells.

POOP-D-ZOLVER can be used in and around the cages, on floors, walls, stainless steel, aluminum, glazed porcelain and other surfaces in your home or aviary. It is recommended that your birds be removed from their cages, playstand, etc. prior to administering.

Ingredients: Water, Active Natural Enzymes, Surfactant and Avian Safe Fragrance

SURFACTANT : is an all-natural cleaner that actually makes water wetter to stimulate the absorption process of the natural enzyme activation. This helps to breakdown long strands of bacteria for faster absorption/elimination.

ABSORPTION PROCESS : the absorption process renders all bad smelling odors and debris into a 100% safe odorless carbon dioxide.

NATURAL ENZYMES : natural enzymes derived fully from plants and plant oils immediately digest bacteria on all surfaces rendering them clean and freshly scented.

AVIAN SAFE FRAGRANCE : derived from all natural based plant scents and 100 % safe tested for ALL pets.

USAGE : Contents are "READY TO USE" as is ---DO NOT DILUTE.

PREPARATION FOR USE : remove bird(s) from cage and area to be cleaned before application.