About Us

"Is my bird cage setup correct?” 

“Are they stressed out?" 

"Are they happy?" 

What does your feathered friend want in a perfect bird cage? 

Chirpy Birdy has you covered.

We all love our birds.  We want to spend as much time loving them and as little time worrying about what’s going on in those cute little heads.  

Chirpy Birdy understands what birds want when it comes to their bird cage setup.  They want the space to be birds – to stretch their wings, fly, climb, play, and simply chew some stuff up!!! LOL.

Joking aside, we take great care in curating our bird cage offerings with the goal of giving your birdy a safe, well-rounded environment.  Our bird cages are each carefully selected including the following critical elements:

  • Size – Large enough for birds to fly and climb
  • Bars – Width spacing for safety and horizontal bars for climbing
  • Maintenance – Easy to clean

See our landing page for the recommended bird cage setup. 

We have partnered with A&E Cage Company for all our products.  A&E has won over 20 major awards in their 30 years designing and manufacturing bird cages and bird toys.  All cages are non-toxic powder coated finishes and analyzed by a certified avian veterinarian.  Stainless steel cages are a welded bar design using 304 grad stainless steel and are vet recommended and approved.

Our abundant variety of bird toys will provide all you need to spoil feathered family members.   The Java Wood bird toys are sourced from retired coffee trees and provide supplementary income to coffee farmers once their trees become non-productive.  We also offer food & feeders, perches, play stands, tents, tee pees as well as many other products meticulously selected by both ourselves and A&E. 

Our goal is to offer everything you need to focus on having fun with your birdy, remove the worry and give you piece of mind that they have everything needed to be safe and happy. 

You provide the love; we will provide everything else.